Through one of our partners, we have arranged to reserve weekly batches until of 230,000 boxes of 100 pcs of powder-free nitrile gloves (with the TITAN brand) that can be collected by customers looking for small quantities.

Delivery in Amsterdam or Bologna (Italy) at our Partner's warehouses.

Purchase and booking procedure:


  1. Contract: Signature of the SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement);

  2. Payment: The Customer can pay directly via T/T (at the warehouse in Bologna in Italy or having seen goods cleared through customs in Amsterdam) before the goods are collected.

  3. Guarantees: No advances, No bank guarantees (maximum seriousness is required).

  4. Logistics: Airfreight every 7 days. Obviously, we will follow the delivery priorities based on the contracts signed in chronological order

  5. Timing: From the signing of the contract, the Supplier can delivery the goods in 7 working days.

TITAN (1).png


  • 1 Made of 100% nitrile rubber, eliminating latex-allergy concerns

  • Better puncture resistance, bacteria resistance and chemical resistance

  • Durable, textured, flexible, soft and easy-donning

  • EU CE and America FDA certified

  • EU EN-374-5 for chemical resistance certified ANTI VIRUS

  • Non-toxic, harmless and tasteless

  • Soft, comfortable and flexible benefiting from best batching and  advanced process technology

  • Suitable for medical examination, dental use, first aid, nursing

  • Better protection and physical properties than latex gloves


Warm Tips:

  1. When used for protection from oil and water, it should be checked firstly about air leakage by being blew inside and then its cuff pinched tightly and no shrinking proves no leakage and usability.

  2. When being taken off, it should be removed downward from its cuff rather than by pulling its finger.

  3. It should be protected against puncture by sharps such as needle and toothpick.

  4. In summer, its cuff could be fasten by rubber band if it feels loose.

  5. Wearers should not gloves before trimming nails, too long and sharp nails easily causing breakage.

  6. 100% nitrile rubber

  7. Extremely low dust loading

  8. Super cleaning and antistatic properties

  9. Not containing protein allergen

  10. Stable chemical performance and super resistance to acid, alkali and some  organic solvents

  11. High sensitivity and durability

  12. Good tensile strength and abrasion resistance

  13. Colour: blue

  14. Type of Pitting: finger textured, fully textured and etc.

  15. Size : 10%S - 40% M - 40% L - 10% XL

  16. Pinhole:AQL1.0/1.5, industrial grade:AQL6.5

  17. Surface:AQL1.5, industrial grade:AQL6.5

  18. Packaging: 100 pcs/box,10boxes/case





Nitrile gloves are made of 100% acrylonitrile butadiene, a synthetic rubber, without natural protein, avoiding skin allergic reaction.

It is non-toxic, harmless, durable. Compared with latex gloves, nitrile gloves possess better puncture resistance, bacteria resistance, chemical resistance and durability, offering better protection for wearers.

Presently, it has found wide application in major laboratories, research institution, hospitals, clinics, nursing home and other medical agents in Europe and America, winning high evaluation from customers.

The nitrile gloves having taken the place of latex place, and now are the best choice for scientific research and medical institutions.