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Despite their simplicity, for more than 70 years now wooden pallets have proven that they have innumerable benefits which translate into greater flexibility and speed, both in terms of time and space.

We work whit different manufacturers that produce tailor-made wooden pallets in dimensions designed for both standard and special transportation (for example 1200 x 800) and of any type and size, to ensure that the products arrive at their intended destination at the specified times. 

The production process of wooden pallets

The pallet is implemented through specific stages, precision, and quality inspection to ensure each stage, order to produce large quantities of wooden pallets and minimizes errors. The wood consists of vegetable acacia wood, which is stored and protected from termites.

Before being stored in the warehouse, the quality of the lumber is checked to remove unsatisfactory lumber such as broken and porous wood. The wood is cut according to the dimensions requested by the customer.
The slabs are stacked and placed in the industrial oven for drying and sterilizing each wooden pallet.
The pallets must be sterilized and smoked to disinfect the wood.
the next step involves checking and removing any defects in the suturing process such as blunt wooden sticks or wood splinters caused during projection.

The two ends of the timber are then cut according to the size of each pallet with an inspection of the quality of the cut.
Finally, the wood is sanded to remove the remaining fibers of the wood


The nails used to make the wooden pallets are torsionally threaded and allow the joists to be firmly fixed and reducing the problem of nail loss.

The wooden pallets are stored according to warehouse standards, required standard temperature, and humidity.

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